Starting a blog can be to make money  or because of a passion but even if you are starting a blog for fashion there is nothing bad in you making money with it.

There are different way of starting / building a blog and i will tell you about different way to start and also make money while blogging.

There are steps you need to follow to get a good blog built first before you can “blog and make money” and they are listed below:

Choose a Niche

The First step on starting a blog is choosing a Niche, a Niche is the focus of your blog and what it is all about. It is always easy if you choose a Niche you have passion for, so it will be easy to update your blog. A Niche is a Topic you feel you can handle or write about.

It is always good to pick a Niche that is Profitable and that you Enjoy talking about..

Some Niches you can go for are Food, Technology, Health , Clothing.


Choose a Sub Niche

After choosing a Niche the next step is for you to choose a Sub Niche. After choosing Food as your Niche you cant talk about all Food, you cant talk about all aspect of Food, covering Food Prepation can be a Sub Niche, Blogging about Food News can also be a Sub Niche.

Essentially, you have to also pick a sub niche that is Profitable. You shouldn’t blog about what people are not interested in knowing about.


Choose a Name and Domain Name

Choosing a Name can be an easy task or it might take you days to get a good name idea for your blog.

There are different rules in picking a good name and domain name for your blog but it also depends on you.

Necessarily, all the rules can be broken down into few nuggets for you:

  • Choose an Easy to remember name
  • Choose a name that reflects your Niche
  • Choose a name that is not too long, short domains are easy to remeber

And if you cant bring up domain ideas there are so many domain suggester tools out there that you can use, check out 10 Best Domain Finder Tool.


Choosing a Blogging Platform, Domain and Hosting Registrar

This time there is luxury of choosing what platform you want to host your blog depending on your choice
Choosing a Blogging platform is just a choice you have to make that depends on various things, think about how you want your blog, now and future. You also have to pic a platform that has Zero to No learning curve to use as beginner and most of all Cost effective.

There are many Blogging Platforms you can start your blog on and some are listed below and why you should use them:

  1. is the world’s most popular blogging software. Started in 2003, WordPress now powers more than 30% of all websites on the internet.
    Note: It’s easy to confuse with, which is a blog hosting service mentioned later in this list.You need to have a domain that would cost you 10$ or less depending on your registrar and also get a web hosting that  will cost you $3 – $7/month. See my guide on how to buy a Domain for $1 , You can also buy your Web Host from either Siteground or Bluehost; both of them are good host and I use both of them and recommended them too and no one as ever had problems with them.
    When you use you have all the rights on your blog, you can easily migrate it to another host, you can design it easily and you can add more websites to it, No restrictions and that is why it is callled Self-hosted.
    This a sister to but  this a managed version of where WordPress is setup for you on a host and it is managed by There are some limitations to it offers a basic blog hosting service for free. You can purchase additional options like a custom domain name, additional storage, and other premium services.Started in 2005 with a goal to bring WordPress experience to a larger audience, is a good blogging site for users who don’t want the advanced features of self-hosted WordPress. Your blog url will be unless you buy a domain name from them or another registrar.
  3. Blogger
    Blogger is a free blogging service by Google. It offers a quick and easy way to create a blog for non-tech-savvy users.Blogger is one of the earliest blogging platforms in existence. It was first launched in 1999 by Pyra Labs. Later in 2003, Google acquired Blogger and redesigned it as the product we know today. Right now you can buy a domain and use it for your blog. Your blog posts are easily ranked too because it is a google product and they also provide free templates that you can edit with HTML and use for your blog WHILE you can also buy Premium templates also to use too.
  4. Tumblr
    Tumblr is a little different than other blogging platforms. It is a microblogging platform with social networking features including following other blogs, reblogging, built-in sharing tools, and more.Tumblr is free to use. You can use a custom domain (purchased separately) for your Tumblr blog, and there are also third-party themes and apps available to purchase.
  5. Joomla
    Joomla is an open source software content management system, just like It’s also a self-hosted solution, which means you will need a domain name and web hosting to use it.While the process of creating a blog in Joomla is similar to, the Joomla dashboard is not as straightforward and simple as WordPress.First released in 2005, Joomla now powers over 2 million websites on the web.
    Joomla is free but you will need a domain (about $14.99/year) and hosting (usually starting from $7.99/month) to use it. If you use SiteGround, then you can get started for $3.95 per month, and you will get a free domain. You will also need a template though there are free themes in the marketplace but you can get more.
  6. Wix
    Wix is a hosted platform to build websites. It offers an easy way for small businesses to build a website using drag and drop tools. You can also add a blog to your website by adding the Wix Blog was founded in 2006 as a platform where anyone could create their own stunning website with no coding skills required. It has currently over 110 million users across the globe.The basic Wix website builder is free. With a free Wix account, you’ll get a Wix subdomain that looks like this:, you can add a custom domain for $4.50/month. Their premium plans start from $8.50/month and go up to $24.50/month.


Design your Blog (Logo, Site Designs and Colour Scheme)

After selecting a platform you need to do a Logo Design for your Blog, you use a free design tool like Gimp to design your logo or you can just hire a Freelancer to design a professional logo for you while you go on and setup the rest. Select a Professional Logo Designer from Fiverr .

You also need to select a colour scheme and complementing colours for your blog. The logo designer can help you pick out a colour but pick a colour that goes with your niche.

The main part is designing of your blog, if you choose the Self Hosted option and have a blog on Bluehost or Siteground then you can get a Premium theme which is suited for Blogs.
One of the Best themes providers for Blogs are Mythemeshop and Themeforest when you get a theme from Mythemeshop you are assured of support and updates.
Most themes have demo install which will help you install the theme and also do the setup.


Create Social Profiles , Connect your Site to Analytics and Submit to Search Engines.

This is one of the mighty last steps for your blog, you need to create a social presence for your blog , connect your site to analytics and also submit your site to search engines.

Creating Social Presence is necessary to build your Blog SEO and also make it easy for social media users to get through to your site. Some social media account you can create are Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, Pinterest Account, Twitter Account etc it depends on the one you want to manage and your Niche.

Connecting your site to Analytics is one of the basic steps necessary for your Blog growth, and how do you know people are visiting your website and where they are coming from except from Analytics. One of the best Analytics service is Google Analytics. With Google Analytics you will be able to monitor your website Views, Devices used, Locations, Duration and more.

Submitting your Site to Search Engines is a way of telling Search Engines to crawl/ visit your website thereby they can index your site and when someone search for a keyword relating to your blog , your website will be among the search results and you get Free Traffic.

If you are using the WordPress Self-hosted option then you can use this free SEO plugin that will help your site SEO settings.

Starting a Blog is a good thing but setting it perfectly with little stress is the best.

If you have any questions please endeavor to ask below in the comments box and I will surely answer to the best of my knowledge.


How to Blog and Make Money ( Start a Blog make Money)

blog and make money

You can monetize your blog in different ways and they are listed below:

1. Adverts

2. Sponsored Post

3. Affiliate Referal



You can make money by having adverts placed on your blog and one of the best advert network is Adsense and you get paid every month when you reach a threshold of $100.

When your blog starts having significant amount of readers, you might be approached by different Companies and Individuals that you should write a review on there product, sometimes they give you the content and sometimes you might need to write it yourself and you get paid for putting there content on your blog and depending on various conditions like your traffic, the company you can be paid up to $1500 per post.

Affiliate Referal

When writing different articles on your blog, your readers might be interested in one equipment or another that you are using and they might ask you to send them where you bought them and you can send your own afiliate link. You can also write a post on a product and get affiliate commission through it. Read More about Making money online here




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