Domain Name Finder ( First Step to Choosing a Domain Name)

Starting a website can be a very cumbersome process. As you might have no idea where to start from or you have a lot of ideas, and no one seems right and as you know domain names must be memorable, unique and meaningful.

Then what after you searched for a domain name, and you find out someone or some domain registrars have bought it have purchased it and hiked the price.

In this article, I will make it easier for you again by giving you free and easy to use domain generators that will help in your domain name suggestions.
Please know that domain generators are artificial intelligence so they might not be right all the time, you can click here to learn how to get a domain for $1 and tips in selecting the best domain names.

Best Domain name finder for you to get the best domain name suggestions

  1. Nameboy

This is one of the best domain name generators around. Enter your keyword, and it will generate a lot of great domain name ideas for you. Click on any domain name to view details or complete your registration by following the instructions. It is blazingly fast which helps you search through more domain name ideas in less time.

2. Name Mesh

Some domain name generators will give various fields and things to do before you get results/domain name you are looking for, Name Mesh is not one of them. You just need to type two or three keywords relating to the domain you are looking for, and the generator gives you a variety of available domains under different headings “common, new, short, similar and fun”. It is quite easy to use.

3. IsitWp

IsitWP gives a blazing fast and instant domain name finder tool. You start by entering a few keywords or brand name, and it will provide you with a ton of domain ideas using a variety of combinations. You can start a new search, adjust or click on show more results to view even more great domain name ideas.

4. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel is another excellent domain name generator that lets you find good domain name ideas. They also combine their search with random thoughts, names that sound similar to your search, rhymes with your search, and some other random thoughts.

5. Shopify Business Name generator

Shopify is an online store creator known mostly for dropshipping and it’s known to offer free tools for its visitors and customers, and one of the free tools is Business Name Generator, and it is a perfect tool too. There isn’t much different between this tool and others but it is quite Fast.

6. Bust A Name

It might not look attractive in layout as normal modern  tools but dont let it fool you as it has ton of features that other tools simply lack which include but not limited to the ability to set suffixes, prefixes, plurals, and hyphens

7. Name Station

Name stations are much more than a domain name finder, its a community. Plus searching for domain names, you can also create a content and crowdsource name suggestions. So don’t worry you won’t get only automated results but also smart inputs from people

8. Panabee

Panabee is very beautiful which matters to some people. It features include a list of related terms, checking social media usernames e,g facebook, twitter, etc.

9. Namesmith

There have been some hearsay or confirmed truth among online entrepreneurs that name finders record your searches and then use that data in the future to purchase certain domain names they think they could resell at a higher price. Whether it is gospel truth or blatant lie, nobody really knows lol. However, Namesmith doesn’t make you speculate as they promise not to share your data nor sell it. Your keywords and domains are safe.

10. Domains Bot

DomainsBot is super great domain name finder in one aspect which is notifying you when a domain name that as been purchased is nearing expiration. This gives the power to mark certain names and possibly claim them if they do end up expiring.




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