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How I solved Content Encoding Error on WordPress in 1 Attempt 

How I solved Content Encoding Error on WordPress in 1 Attempt

There are many errors you can encounter when building a website especially with wordpress and one of the greatest one is Content Encoding Error

I was working on a WordPress website for a client this week and I received “Content Encoding Error” when using a Themeforest theme called The7 a superb and super-selling theme which i have used countless time and i was amazed getting that error when i tried editing the Website.

Content Encoding Error can be of two type, one can be because of your Browser (Firefox) or WordPress itself but the error i got is from WP-bakery (formely Visual Composer) builder.

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The theme uses WP-bakery (formerly Visual Composer) builder so i could not edit the website so i had to ook for some solutions to it, so i searched on there comment section but no solution to it and i cant wait for support to respond so i found a solution to it.

You need to just write the below text at the end of your .ht-access file and your website will be fixed.

SubstituteMaxLineLength 100m

P.S: This fix does not work only for WPBakery builder or The7 theme , it works for WordPress generally and if there any other error you receive please ask me and i will try to give a solution or write a post about them as fast as possible.


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