How to get rich on the internet is all about offering/selling service either a Product or a Service(skills), but you must sell something before you make money online.

Making money online looks easy, but it is not, especially if you don’t know what to do to make money. Making money online also depends on some conditions to like :

  • Your Startup Capital
  • Your Location e.t.c

There are various ways of making money, but it is good to have someone to guide you on the right away of making money online. All the methods we will mention are all legal and depending on how hard you work on them they give results.

How to Get Rich on the Internet in 14 ways

Doing Affiliate with Product Launch

Affiliate Marketing is a broad niche, and that is why I am concentrating on this part first, Doing Affiliate promotions for a newly launched product is one of the best ways of making online. There are many platforms where you can see new products to promote. The products can be digital products or health niched product, but they are most times new products and sold for a discount immediately they are launched which gives you the edge to sell the product better.

Now the good thing about this method of making money is, you get paid depending on your work. Some products have commissions of up to 100% where you get the total money spent by your customers. You might be thinking they won’t gain from you, but it is a WIN-WIN scenario for everybody as it is an excellent way to build an email list for them while you get paid once for that product they can sell as many times as they want to your customer who gets the product through you.

Getting information about new products can be hard, but some websites give you information on new product launches even before they are launched so you can prepare for promotions and one of them is Muncheye, and they get updated very fast.

How to get rich on the internet through this method of making money is that you will always see a product been launched for Every day, so you won’t have a shortage of choices of what to promote to your List.

The Products you promote also contain Funnels  (Upsells) for you to make more money and you can make between $120 – $500 per complete funnel purchase.

Most times the products also come with Swipes, Bonuses, Images, vidoes and even guide on when to promote the products, they also want you to make as much money as possible.

How to get rich on the internet doing simple internet task from home

How to get rich on the internet with Clickbank

Clickbank fashion as a retailer of High-quality lifestyle and Digital Products. Making money on Clickbank is also by Affiliate Marketing, you promote a product, you get paid a commission, and they are in the ranges of 30-50% for any product. Sometimes the products also have swipes and images to help in your promotons. Most of the products on Clickbank are Evergreen. Their products are very much so you won’t have trouble picking one to promote. You won’t have a problem in receiving your Commissions too because Clickbank takes care of this on both the Seller and Affiliate’s behalf.


Make Money Online With Amazon Affiliate Program Via NicheSite/Authority Site

Amazon has a lot of programs that you can make money with, and a niche site is one of the ways you can make money, and this is my Selling a Product for Amazon. You list some or various Amazon Products and write on them on your blog, it can be your blog or you can create a blog specifically for reviewing products.
While you put your affiliate Link to the products, so when anyone who clicks on the link buys the product you are given a percentage, the commission you receive varies and can be up to 10%.

You can register for Amazon Affiliate Here; you can also Check the Commissions you get when you promote products. (varies by categories).


Make Money Online Through Hosting/Domain/Theme Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing as I said earlier is One of the best ways of making money online, you dont have to create a product before you make money, be a good Marketer, and you make a lot of money.

Making money with Hosting/Domain/Theme affiliate Program is easy actually but it is a targeted form of affiliate marketing and their various incentives you can use to make money through this route.

Making money by doing a Hosting and Domain Referal can be a constant source of income depending on the Hosting company you are referring people to, and I will still write on the best Affiliate Programs you should join, Some hosting website has a constant commission they pay when you send a customer to them. Bluehost pays $65 per qualified customer and you get paid in 45days while Siteground pays $50 per eligible customer while Kinsta continues paying inasmuch your client is active on there host, you can have a recurring income, Ipage too gives $105 – $110 per customer you refer, and there are many more it all depends on the one you want to use.

Making Money by Referring People to Buy a Theme/ Software/ Plugin is also another way of making money quickly, Themeforest gives 30% on the first order, Mythemeshop offers 55% of any sale you bring and there many more programs like that.

You are providing solutions to peoples problem, and they pay you unknowingly for it.


How to get rich on the internet With T-Shirt Marketing

There are various ways of making money selling T-shirt Online:

  • Selling T-shirt With Platforms
  • Selling T-shirt With Shopify
  • Selling T-shirt With Merch By Amazon

Out of all three above, the easiest to start is Selling T-shirt with Merch by Amazon, but it is not the Best.

Selling T-shirt with Platforms like Teespring is also a right way you can make money online, al you need to do is upload your design to there website and also promote it while they print and deliver the T-shirt and also collect payment on your behalf. They take their own commission from it, and everyone is happy.

Selling T-shirt with Shopify is taking care of everything on your own which means you get all the profits and also have to do the heavy lifiting yourself. It involves you picking a shirt design and finding a company that will print for you and if they can do delivery too and you pay them for there service, and you get all your money. You also have to design your Store on Shopify, Optimize it for sales, management payment.

Selling T-shirt with Merch by Amazon is also another way to make money with t-shirt of sale, and it involves Zero work on your end. It is a 3 step process;

You upload a T-shirt design >> Amazon List it on there website and sells it for you >> You get Paid.

Amazon does all the work, they print the T-shirts, delivers but then all they do is pay you commission on each T-shirt sold, and the commission will be small if your design didn’t sell much.

Amazon Merch is only okay to startup when you dont have money for Adverts or as I side income.


How to get rich on the internet With Youtube Partner Program

If Videos is your thing then why not make an Earning through it? Most Vloggers use Youtube Partner Program, and they make quite a lot with it.

You need to upload a Unique and Interesting video to Youtube, and when people view the vidoes, Youtube shows them Video Adverts, and you get paid.

It is getting more competitive, but everything depends on your content, and if you can have your video trending, then you will make a lot of money earning from vidoes.

Click Here to Apply


How to get rich on the internet with Adsense/ Admob

Adsense is an Advertising Program by Google where you can place Google Ads on your site and get paid WHILE Admob is also an Ads program by Google where Ads are placed on your Mobile Apps, and you get Paid. Adsense is an Ads program that Pays Per Click (P-P-C), and some clicks can be up to $1, it depends on the Ads and keywords. This method of making money does not have a limit of what you can make especially if your traffic is not Blackhat.

Apply for your Adsense Account || Apply for your Admob Account Today


How to get rich on the internet With Facebook Audience Network

If you are looking at how to make money on Facebook in a big way, then you should consider joining the Facebook Audience Network. The Facebook Audience Network is an in-house Facebook project that helps publishers monetize their works on Facebook. It is similar to Google Adsense. This is a direct way to make money from Facebook.

Firstly, you need to understand that to make money from Facebook through the Facebook Audience Network you will need to own a Facebook Page and a blog.

Facebook pays you per click and per impression while Google pays only per click. Per Click means you are only paid when someone clicks on an advert from your post. Per Impression means you are paid when someone views the advert and not necessarily have to click.

The best part of all this is the fact that you don’t need to worry about ad placements, whether you need use text or image banners, no worries about clicks and no concerns about CTR%. I mean, I’ve been able to make a lot of money with Google Adsense, but this one makes it so simple that I’m making money without moving the tip of my fingers. Google Adsense it’s even one of my favorite Networks and the way I have my articles setup allows the visitors who are not coming from Facebook to also see my Adsense banners, which means that I am monetizing my traffic with both.


How to get rich on the internet with Dropshipping

Dropshipping is selling a product that is with a third party, when there is an order you then purchase it with your money, and the third party sends it to your customer, and you get paid.

The most significant difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant doesn’t stock or own inventory. Instead, the merchant purchases inventory as needed from a third party – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – to fulfill orders.

You can get a product for $5 and sell it for as high as $35, so the $30 gain is yours to keep.

Most people using Shopify because it is easy to setup as a store, but you can also use WordPress (Woocommerce).


How to get rich on the internet With FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

Fulfillment By Amazon is a way of making money with Amazon by selling a product and delivering the product by Amazon. FBA works with Arbitrage i.e. Buying a product for a lesser amount and selling it for a higher price. You can buy a product for $7 in a store or from a website and sell it for $45 and ship the order through Amazon, and you get paid.

Amazon FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon is a business model where Amazon stores your stock until it sells and then Amazon fulfills the sale for you.

This means that each time you make a sale and a consumer places an order, you don’t need to do anything except sit back let Amazon take care of shipping and post sales customer and focus on what’s important: Making your next sale.

Amazon takes care of customer service, too. If there are any returns, Amazon sorts them out. The delivery options stay the same, and as far as the customer is concerned, nothing has changed.


How to get rich on the internet With Freelancer Network (Fiverr, SeoClerk, etc.)

Freelancing is one of the best ways of making money online that requires only your skills, you dont need a capital to start, and you dont need a website to start. Freelancing is working for people at the comfort of your own house, and you need to choose a niche and also a website you offer your freelancing service. Some of the most poppular Freelance Networks are Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Gigbucks e.t.c

Some of the best niches are, Graphics, Video & Animation, Writing, Programming.

I started ,wIth freelancing when I started online and I still frelance by the side.

You can make as much as  $30,000 a month through freelancing if you can gt people to work for you while you press more on the marketing part of freelancing.


How to get rich on the internet online with crypto currency (holding/mining/trading)

Making money via Crypto currency is a very lucrative venture, but it all depends on patience and how you want to make your money.

Holding: You can make money by Holding a Crypto currency e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple e.t.c; this process works well when you buy a coin when it is cheap, and you keep it till it value rise then you sell.  This takes time, and this method tie your money down, and sometimes the value of some coins go downw instead of going up thereby making a loss. It is a risky way of making money.

Mining: Mining is using your Computer to mine Crypto currency, and some people use Mining Farm, this method takes time depending on the Crypto currency you want to mine because different coins have different difficulty in mining them.

Trading: This method takes discipline, this method is trading one cryptocurrency against each other, it is just like Forex, but instead of Trading USD/EUR, then you trade BTC/ETH and many more.

It all depends on your choice and which one is more convenient for you.


How to get rich on the internet With Amazon Kindle Book Program

Amazon Kindle Book Program is an excellent method of making money with Amazon by uploading your books to Amazon.

You upload your Book cover, book content and Amazon steps in by Printing the book, Listing the book on Amazon’s website for sales, Ship it to your buyers while you sit and get paid.

It does not have a limit on what you can make, and even if you are not a writer you can hire a freelancer to help you write a book and also design the cover, and you put it on Amazon while you get paid.


How to get rich on the internet with Launching Your Products On Some Affiliate Platforms like Jvzoo, ClickBank, WarriorPlus.

Selling something is how you can make money but what if you can make something and then let others sell for you? Sounds about right? Yea, you can make/develop your product and let affiliates sell for you while you make a lot of money.

Products are launched every day and within a space of 5days you can make pretty hefty cash, it all depends on the solution your product is solving.

There are different Platforms that you can use to launch your product, but it all depends on your preference and type of product.

I hope I have been able to make it easier for you to make money today, I will advise on choosing one out of the methods I have explained above then you can add more as time goes on. It all requires some works on your end and most of these methods can be a side income or primary income for you depends on how you take them.

I will keep this article updated for new methods and if you have other ways, anyone I missed, please state them in the comment box so we can discuss it and share with others.


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